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Monster World Facebook Cheat Exe
Pet Rescue Saga iOS Cheat Tool (All Versions)

The cheat tool will work with all the versions of Pet Rescue Saga including the latest released version (v1.0.3) and is fully compatible with iPhone and iPad. This cheat tool will give you unlimited master keys, unlimited block buster, unlimited line blaster, unlimited color pop balloons, unlimited column blaster rocket and unlimited mesh masher.
Monster Truck Madness 2

Monster Truck Madness® 2 is the sequel to one of the best-selling auto-racing games for the PC, Monster Truck Madness. Monster Truck Madness 2 combines outrageous attitude, unrestrained racing and real monster trucks to provide a fun and exhilarating off-road driving experience across rugged and challenging terrain.
GiftAuto 4.5

Have you discovered the horror of manually doing all of those Requests in Facebook? We sure have - so we decided to do something about it. GiftAuto will handle your Facebook game gift requests automatically! GiftAuto currently supports 58 Facebook games (Age Of Champions, Animal Party, Backyard Monsters, Baking Life, BRAAAINS, Cafe Life, Cafe World, Car Town, Castle Age, City of Wonder, CityVille, Country Life, Country Story, Crime City, Cupcake Corner, Dream World, Fanglies, Fantasy Kingdoms, Farkle, Farkle 2, Farm Country, Farm Town, FarmVille, Fashion World, FishVille, FrontierVille, Happy Aquarium, Happy Island, Happy Pets, Happy Slots!
Monster Truck Safari 1.56

3D monster truck racing game. Take part in races of two types: Sprint and Capture the Flag. Earn points and upgrade your monster truck. Take first place in the top list of the best monster truck drivers! Monster trucks are specially built pickups with very large wheels and suspension with large stroke and powerful engines.
Disney Infinity: Action! iOS Cheat Tool (All Version)

Download cheat tool for the new iOS app developed by Disney. This cheat tool for Disney Infinity: Action! will give you unlimited coins and free in-app purchases. You can buy all the things from the store totally free. The coins is the main currency of this app and our cheat tool will give you 1,888,890,383 coins!
Baseball Superstars 2013 iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Stars & Coins)

Get unlimited stars and unlimited coins in Baseball Superstars 2013 iOS game which can be used to buy the in-app purchases. Someone on our facebook page requested a cheat tool for this game and today we have released it. After applying this cheat tool, you can buy the stars and coins packs as much as you want and there will be no restrictions.
Doodle Fit 2: Around the World iOS Cheat Tool

Download our newly developed cheat tool for Doodle Fit 2: Around the World iOS game. This cheat tool will unlock all levels, unlimited hints and a lot more things. This cheat tool will work with all the previous and newer version of Doodle Fit 2 game. As usual no jailbreak is required to use this cheat tool.
Monster Attack 2.0

Aliens landed and want to take over the world. You just cannot let that happened. You are a gunman owning a powerful anty-alien weapon. But a good gun without a great shooter means nothing. Kill those ugly creatures and by each finished level you will earn some money. Use it wisely to buy some cool anti-alien equipment.
Facebook Pro

If there's one thing we hate, it's software that doesn't do anything that you can't already do with existing programs on your computer. Why clutter up your hard drive with software you don't need? Unfortunately, Facebook Pro is exactly that: software you don't need. The program is essentially just a Web browser that displays Facebook and a couple of other links.
Candy Crush Saga iOS Cheats (Unlimited lives, Powerups & More)

We already have a mod for Android version of Candy Crush Saga but someone requested cheat tool for the iOS version of the game. So after 2 weeks of testing, finally we have developed a cheat tool for Candy Crush Saga which will give you unlimited lives, powerups, all boosters applied, all levels completed up to level 395 and more.
Mermaid World v1.4.2 iOS Cheat Tool (Unlimited Pearls & Coins)

Cheat tool for Mermaid World will give you unlimited pearls (800 million) and unlimited coins (800 million coins). This cheat tool is especially dveloped for the version 1.4.2 of Mermaid World iOS app. No jailbreak is needed as it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices perfectly.
Facebook @Desktop

Facebook users struggling to keep up with their accounts will like this free app that helps with checking messages, invites, friends' requests, pokes, and notices on the social media site. Facebook @Desktop from Olcinium is a dot NET app that provides access to this information directly on your desktop.
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame iOS Cheat Tool

Cheat tool for iOS game "Prince of Persia® The Shadow and the Flame" is now available for download at Pak Circles. Get unlimited coins and free purchases from the store by using our cheat tool. You can use these free coins to buy new combos, new weapons and a lot more things. Free in-app purchases from the store allows you to buy anything from the store without even spending even a single penny.
Fantasy Submarine Game 3.1

It's been years that the underwater monster gives no rest to people. It's sinking submarines, commercial crafts, and even comes out of the sea on land with no one to stop it. You and your submarine are the stronghold for the whole humankind. The craft is equipped with high-tech devices and you're the only one to save the world!